Perifractic's BrixKey4 – Replacement C64 Keycaps

The holy grail of Commodore 64 refurbs is finding modern keycap replacements. Thanks to the discovery of a magical Lego®-sized coincidence, they’re here! Meet BrixKey4.

Made from approximately 200 Lego bricks & plates, with painstakingly designed & printed durable top tiles, this is the world’s first commercially available full replacement keycap set for the original Commodore 64 & compatible keyboards including the MechBoard64! After all what could be more retro and nostalgic than Lego and Commodore?

Order your full keycap set in 3 steps

You must complete all 3 steps to receive your order. Please kindly note that due to the nature of the Lego marketplace bricks may be in “used/like new” condition. Once you have completed step 3 you will receive fun Lego® build instructions for your new (old) keycaps!

Step 1 of 3

Order the keycap base bricks from Retro Recipes:

Base Brick Fitment
Step 2 of 3

Order the colour top lettering tiles from Bricksanity (external site):

Step 3 of 3

Complete your order by customizing your keycap colours:

Bonus: Build a brand new C64!

Now the missing piece has been found, it's finally possible to assembly a completely new Commodore 64, of which no part has ever seen a Commodore factory. You'll need these 4 components:

  1. Keycaps: BrixKey4 (you are here!)
  2. DIY Keyboard Base: MechBoard64 
  3. Motherboard: Ultimate64 or C64 Reloaded
  4. Case: Brixty Four C64 or PixelWizard C64C (add PCB/keyboard adapters too)

Congratulations! You now have one of the world’s first completely new Commodore 64s!