Feel free to reach out to me through the Force or in any of the following ways.

Please note: Whilst I wish I had more free time, regrettably I'm not able to offer tech support or repairs, though I sometimes make exceptions for supporters. And as my supporter communities* are smaller they're also a great way to chat with me more often & keep up to date on all things Fractic! Thank you for your understanding.

Physical item donations by post

If you'd like to kindly donate and mail a physical retro item to Retro Recipes for possible use in a full recipode and/or a retro unboxing, in return for a ЯR Badge as well, please complete the following simple form. (Requires Google account for security.)

Digital online submissions for The ЯRetro Show

If you have a digital submission you'd like to see featured in The ЯRetro Show on Retro Recipes, like a photo, video, art, letter, or home brew game, in return for a ЯR Badge as well, you can transmit it to me here for consideration. (Requires Google account for security.)