Writer Chris J Simpson 📚

Writing under the pen name Chris J. Simpson, his trademark has become the conceiving and writing of unique ideas, with the aim of creating the next generation of commercial franchises. A winner and finalist in several prestigious Hollywood contests, Simpson is also a part-time writer for the official Star Wars website, and the Editor of ZZAP! 64 magazine.

The Chrononaut

"What if aliens were highly evolved humans, piloting not UAPs, but time machines. A stolen glimpse into that distant future gives a devastated man a second chance at saving his soul mate."

"Seriously, SUPER cool." - Jeff Lieber, co-creator of LOST

The Chrononaut novel is also available as a spec teleplay with full series bible.


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Gravity Pull

When a botched atomic test pulls dark matter towards the planet, destroying earth’s gravity, the only astronaut to have claimed to have seen it must struggle to save his family & the floating world who doubted him...
– Inspired by a true 1957 conspiracy theory

"Incredibly beautiful visually" - Ridley Scott

Sorry, I Didn't Mean To Kill You

A charming Brit with the unfortunate habit of almost accidentally killing any woman he falls for, struggles to date his one true love who could finally break his curse... in case he kills her first.


Simpson is a writer for sites including Disney's official Star Wars website. Read his backstage tales here:


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“New ideas come into this world somewhat like falling meteors, with a flash and an explosion, and perhaps somebody's castle-roof perforated.”
– Henry David Thoreau, 1857