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'Ello and congrats on discovering ЯR PowerUp!, where we pledge to bathe you in more of the warm glow of nostalgia, with regular exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus videos, early-bird main video access, name credits, retro music & books, personal video greetings, and more. We interact far more closely at PowerUp! level, with regular posts, comment reactions/replies, and promise a reply to every private message sent via Patreon.

"The old Tech & TV that gave us happiness as children deserves our love and care. Thank you for your support as it helps us keep those vintage treasures alive and in the public consciousness. Our love for that cause is why we do this for a living, but even though we hit 'eject' on our old careers to power-up making Retro Recipes you've told us you love, it’s still just a labour of love and a true team effort." – Perifractic

Perifact: We aim to release approx 4 backstage videos and 4 early access main videos a month on PowerUp!... even if they take 3 weeks to make ;)

And hey, if you don't choose to join the Perifracteam, we'd still like to thank you from the bottom of our retrohearts for watching the vids so far and joining in on this journey, whatever shape it takes. Cheers!

Your friends in retro,
Perifractic & Ladyfractic

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If you have retro gear you’d like to get out of the way and possibly see it featured in a recipode, or you have a product you’d like me to take a peek at, reach out with a little info.

The channel is also on the look out for some specific things right now. Thank you!

  • Amstrad PC-CM colour monitor (only) for PC1512/1640
  • Knight Rider screen used props/parts
  • RM Nimbus computer & monitor (as used in UK schools)
  • Small Sony BVM Monitor(s)
  • Sony HB-101 computer (MSX / Hit Bit)
  • Vextrex system
  • Vintage mid-century 50s-60s TV set
  • ZZAP! 64 original magazines (not PDFs)


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