Because as we all know, FAQ stands for Fabulous Answers to Queries.

  • When do you usually release videos?
    • We release new videos most Saturdays around 09:30 am Pacific Time / 17:30 pm UK time. We also release Shorts on a less scheduled basis. After you subscribe turn on the notification bell and make sure your YouTube notifications are enabled in your device settings. Oh, and thanks for subscribing!

  • Why are comments turned off on a video?
    • An example of this is answered in this video clip. Retro Recipes was born from the happiness of childhood nostalgia, and is enjoyed by individuals and families with their children. Unfortunately as the channel has grown, offensive comments have too. This is a common issue across YouTube and despite anti-harrassment policies, individuals determined to offend continue to spoil the fun for everyone. To avoid abuse some creators use the provided option to disable comments on certain videos.

      Regardless, we always welcome constructive comments through our Contact page or Patreon. As the supporter communities are smaller they're also a great way to chat more directly & keep up to date on all things Fractic. This all helps preserve & dedicate as much time and positive energy as possible for creating ongoing content for subscribers to enjoy. We greatly appreciate the vast majority who have sent kind words in the past and continue to do so. Thank you.

  • What does Perifractic or Fractic mean?
    • Back in school, a gifted kid who was years above his age, said to me (Christian Simpson), "Memorize this, it's your new name. It means a man who is coated in gold..." and he went on with some other details I don't remember. He made me learn this: "Chrisostomatico-perifractic-habitanamala-culacatescia-bobblers". And somehow a bit of that stuck and followed me around. Pleased t' meet ya!

      In turn, viewers started naming other channel guests with a Fractic last name, such as Ladyfractic (who was known as Mrs Perifractic before then), Puppyfractic, Josiefractic, Harleyfractic, and so on. Strangely everyone we work with has a name ending with an "ee" sound, that just works!

  • When will you release another KITTesla video?
    • Thank you for enjoying that series! As of March 2023 I am saving funds for what I think will be the final two episodes where I get a bunch of automation upgrades installed (KITT, I need you! KITTesla drives to me and opens the driver door automagically), and in the final episode at long last get that all gloss black wrap installed. If you'd like this to happen sooner, support always helps and is greatly appreciated - plus you get a bunch of exclusive perks too. Thanks!

  • Who is Josiefractic?
    • We have no idea! Seriously though, she is a work friend of Ladyfractic's (they're not sisters) and of mine. But check out the "Meet Josiefractic!" video where Ladyfractic asks Josie Supporters' questions.

  • What happened to Ashleyfractic?
    • You can find the answer to that in the "Ask Ashley!" video video where she explains that she left her job at Wal-mart to take on a new job working double shifts while also studying. Unfortunately, this left her with no time for YouTube shenanigans. While we were not close friends and only knew each other through Wal-mart trips, we enjoyed filming fun moments together. If Ashley's situation changes in the future, she knows the door is always open for her to return to the channel.

  • What's with the 70s yellow glasses? Are you a serial killer?
    • Let me check - no. Those are actually fantastic Gunnar blue light blocking retro gaming glasses with an added bonus; they not only reduce eye strain when using CRT screens and promote better sleep, but they also help with my colourblindness. With protanopia I see about 50% as much red and green as full colour-sighted people, so purple can look blue for example because I don't see the red element. Here's a simulator to see what I see (both images look identical to me!). Because these block blue light (the colour I can see best), they closen the balance between blue and red/green. Whilst it isn't a cure, it can help me detect differences between colours better.

  • Have you tried Enchroma colourblindness glasses?
    • For some reason those didn't work for me, but thanks for asking! According to their website different types of colourblindness including variations of protanopia which I have, may not be improved by their glasses. I do actually wonder if all the videos you see of people having emotional reactions to them are genuine, but if it works for people I'm very happy for them indeed. For now, I'll just continue to call pink purple and brown green while looking like a serial killer.

  • You said you worked on Star Wars/Avengers. Was that a joke or did I miss something?
    • I am honoured to have worked on a number of Star Wars movies and games, along with other franchises, as a voice and screen actor. More info is at the Acting page on this website.

  • What's that Sony monitor that features in many of your videos?
    • It’s a Sony Trinitron GVM-1311Q. I use it as it supports PAL and NTSC and has incredible picture clarity.

  • Why aren't you part of The 8-Bit Guy's Commander X16 project any more? Did you have a falling out?
    • Nope. I explained in detail on the forum but in brief, I left at the time of a loss in the family where I needed to focus my energies elsewhere. At that time I had completed most of my work on the project anyway, such as designing the logo, product name, user guides, BASIC screen, website, keyboard, potential cases, and so on, therefore it was a logical decision to take a step back.

      David and I are still good friends (often the truth isn't as exciting as gossip) and are in regular contact. You'll still find me lurking at the X16 group as a moderator, and I remain one of the co-founders of the project. The team know they are able to use my designs going forward, as indeed they are doing. Good luck 9-Bit Guy!

  • Why do you call him The 9-Bit Guy sometimes?
    • The extra bit is for parity.

  • Why did you do that thing in that video your way not my way?
    • As a YouTuber, it can be challenging to handle comments that question or criticise our decisions and methods. It's essential to understand that simply, tastes differ. While some viewers may feel passionately that something should be done one way, we prioritize our own tastes and style on our channel. The beauty of YouTube is if someone has different tastes and preferences, they are free to start their own channel and create content that aligns with their vision.

  • What's with the sound effects / dogs / speech bubbles / other thing? My other retro channels don't do that.
    • Answered in this video clip. Please also see the answer above; Tastes differ. Our slogan "Retro Recipes: Retro with a twist" sets out that we're perhaps knowingly a little different to some cookie cutter channels (Recipe pun intended). We prioritize our supporters' feedback and lean towards what they have told us they enjoy. Our pet sidekick interjections for example have been very well-received and have perhaps even inspired the similar content that has since arisen on other channels (such as the excellent The Why Files with his pet Hecklefish for example).

      We understand that not everyone will enjoy every aspect of any channel's videos, but we create what we love and what makes us, subscribers, and supporters happy. Our content may seem childish to some, but in so doing it makes many feel happy and young, whilst other viewers watch with their kids, and this all brings people together for a few minutes on Saturdays to remember the happiness of childhood nostalgia in a light-hearted format.

  • What is Ladyfracitc nostalgic for?
    • We've talked about it a few times. Although she remembers early childhood fondly, she doesn't have quite the same fascination with nostalgia for "things" and we wonder if it's because then so-called "boyish" machines like computers somehow hooked into our psyches more than other things... But she will be making more videos soon so don't be surprised if that changes a bit :)

  • Where can I get more involved and support the channel?
    • The best place is Patreon where we offer closer contact options, regular updates, early video access, music and novel perks, name credits, Patreon Lens access, and much more. All our options are listed here. Thank you for your interest and support - it genuinely helps the content continue!