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ⓘ Retro Recipes was born from the happiness of childhood nostalgia. Keep communications in that spirit. Nothing negative please - ЯR is a safe space to escape from all that :)

ⓘ Whilst I wish I had more free time, regrettably I'm not able to offer technical advice or repairs, though I sometimes make exceptions for supporters. And as the supporter communities are smaller they're also a great way to chat more directly & keep up to date on all things Fractic! This all helps preserve & dedicate as much time as possible for creating content for you to enjoy. Thank you for your understanding.

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Share a nostalgic photo, video, news tip, link, or homebrew game. Submissions go into The ЯRetro Show pipeline for consideration.

This is also the right place for cool "have you seen this?" stuff.

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Donors receive an ЯR Badge in return. Please complete this form to help keep track. I read every submission and will get in touch if the item is a good fit.

There's a list of specific items the ЯR museum is looking for too. Thank you!

ⓘ Forms require Google account for security. I'm humbled to receive a lot of submissions & whilst it's impossible to guarantee when or if every submission will be replied to or shown, I read everything & greatly appreciate you thinking of me & sending it.

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Reach out through the Force or in any of the following ways. As you'll see we're a bit retro around here. If you have something digital you'd like me to see use the appropriate form above instead.

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