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"The old tech & TV that gave us such happiness as children deserves our love and care today. Thank you in advance for your support which ensures I can keep those vintage treasures alive & in the public consciousness. My love for that cause is why I do this for a living, but even though it may be my “job”, it’s also a labour of love & a true team effort." – Perifractic

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The channel is also on the look out for some specific things right now:

  • Amstrad PC-CM colour monitor for 1512/1640
  • Commodore A500 replacement keyboard
  • RM Nimbus computer & monitor (as used in UK schools)
  • Small Sony BVM
  • Sony HB-101 (MSX / Hit Bit)
  • TAC-2 Joystick(s)
  • Vintage mid-century TV set
  • Vintage looking smaller monitor for the testing bench
  • ZZAP! 64 original magazine issues

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