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"I mention in my YouTube videos that the old tech that gave us happiness when we were kids, & gives us nostalgia today, all deserves our love and care. Thank you for your support which ensures I can keep those vintage treasures running & keep retrocomputers in the public consciousness. My love for that cause is why I do that for a living, but even though it may be my “job”, it’s also a labour of love & a true team effort." – Perifractic

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Order a one-of-a-kind personalised video greeting from Christian aka Perifractic, or Ladyfractic, either to yourself or as a birthday or similar surprise for a friend/partner who might like Star Wars, Potter, or Retro Recipes!:

Donate gear

If you have retro gear sitting around taking up space and you’d like to get it out of the way and possibly see it featured in an episode, or you have a product you’d like us to take a peek at, reach out with a little info. The channel is also on the look out for specific things from time to time:

  • BBC Model B microcomputer
  • Commodore A500 keyboard
  • Modern A500 power supply w/ switch
  • TAC-2 joystick
  • Commodore SX-64
  • Professional green screen kit

Thank you!