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Nostalgic videos about '80s Tech & TV

"The Bob Ross of retrocomputing" - Journalist John McDermott

Bathe in the wholesome glow of nostalgia with new recipodes most Saturdays as Perifractic and Ladyfractic cook up unique projects born from a serious love of Vintage Tech & TV, but always with a side of fun.

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Keeping nostalgia alive one video at a time

The ЯR Badge is gifted to viewers who donate items to the channel, as a way to help generate added interest in wonderful retro museums around the globe. ЯR Badge wearers are afforded free entry to a growing number of museums. If you'd like to consider donating a retro item to earn a ЯR Badge, simply complete the submission form, and please allow 28 days after unboxing your item for badge delivery.