Retro Recipes

"The Bob Ross of retrocomputing" - ZZAP! 64's John McDermott 

In new recipodes every other Saturday (at least!) you can bathe in the wholesome, warm glow of nostalgia as Chef Peri and friends cook up unique retro videos, born from a serious love of beautiful vintage computers & all things 80s, but always with a side of fun. Subscribe now, and click "Join" or "Become a Patreon" for special supporter rewards!

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The ЯR Badge is gifted to viewers who are featured on the channel, as a way to help generate added interest in wonderful retro museums around the globe. ЯR Badge wearers are afforded free entry to a growing number of museums. If you'd like to consider donating a retro item, or submitting your home brew game or a nostalgic photo/video to earn a ЯR Badge, simply complete the submission form.