Signed to Europe's biggest media publisher, Christian "CJ" Simpson aka Perifractic founded songwriting house euromantix music in 1994 and has gone on to collaborate with platinum selling writers and create brand new chiptunes on vintage computers.

"I love the artistry and creativity he exhibits in his music" – Ron Grimes, songwriter for LeAnn Rimes

Featuring heavily at his Retro Recipes YouTube channel is the instrumental anthology album Insta: Mentalwhich is free to supporters on certain tiers along with the exclusive theme tune and his debut solo album Pop: Vox.

Or stream/buy now (excluding theme tune):

"Second only to Bach's Invention 13 in A Minor" – Jeff Ledger

His song ‘Forever and Ever’ is the main theme of a motion picture which recently won Best Musical Score at the Melbourne Filmmakers Festival, and his track ‘Stay For Life’ was co-written with Simon Cowell's X-Factor finalist and gold selling artist Andy Abraham, featuring on the hit album ‘Even If’.

"Pure magic. A truly beautiful piece of music. Makes me want to drive a pixelated car nice and fast down some country roads." – Marky Shaw