1541 Mini

"Honey, I shrunk the disks!"

Want to give people floppy envy? Build your own USB 1541 Mini disk drive for use with THEC64®! Watch the video above then follow the recipe:

1) Build the drive:
  1. Get my recommended 3D Printer at the "Tools I use" page
  2. Get the USB Floppy Drive: USA | UK
  3. Download the 1541 Mini Case 3D Models
  4. C64 Paint Match: USA | UK
2) Create a blank disk:


  1. Connect the USB floppy drive to the computer & insert a 1.44MB HD disk
  2. Open Disk Utility
  3. Format/Erase the floppy disk with these settings:
    • MS-DOS (FAT)
    • Master Boot Record


  1. Connect the USB floppy drive to the PC & insert a 1.44MB HD disk
  2. Download & extract dd.exe then move it to C:/
  3. Download my disk image & move it to C:/
  4. Open Windows Command Prompt and paste/type the following: 
    dd of=\\.\a: if=c:\PER1541.img bs=1440k

If you only want a blank disk to save BASIC programs or Save States to, you're done!
To copy game files from the Interwebs to your floppy, read on...

3) Copy games:

For Mac just drag the games to the floppy. PCs however can only do this within Linux (Macs and Linux are closely related). Let's install a free copy of Linux inside Windows:

  1. Download and install VirtualBox
  2. Download Ubuntu Linux
  3. In VirtualBox install Ubuntu using default settings (video guide below)
  4. In Ubuntu desktop right-click the USB icon at the bottom-right & select your floppy drive e.g. "TEAC"
  5. Download games in Ubuntu Firefox then drag them to the Floppy icon

Tip: To have a .D64 game disk file automatically mount you may rename the file as follows. Connect the disk & drive to THEC64 before powering up:

Congratulations, your floppy is now the envy of all!

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