Lego Commodore Blocky Brix Drive!

Build your own Blocky Brix Drive!

Normal computers tell you how many blocks are free on your disk drive but with this one they are all free!  If you enjoy this free build project feel free to consider supporting Perifractic's Retro Recipes :-)

Recipe ingredients:
  • Get the bricks:
  • Get the drive: Order this SD2IEC drive & label combo only (I have not tested other drives)
  • Get the disk label:
    • Download my image here
    • Important: Don't use glue or tape as the SD Card must remain very thin to insert. Instead I recommend printing at 100% size onto these labels:
  • I don't have a link for the Commodore logos but you are welcome to create & print your own :-)
  • To assemble your drive just follow along with my video - you'll find most of the parts are the same or easy - even fun - to figure out!

I sincerely hope you enjoy going stack to the future with your very own Blocky Brix Drive!

Your friend in retro, Perifractic