Team17 A4000 Emulator & Archives

In association with Team17 and Cloanto I bring you the full archive of the Team17 Amiga 4000 that was used to make Worms! Feel free to explore the hard disks just as they were found when the machine was recovered from a shed after 30 years!

Aside from the A4000 emulator you can also explore my Internet Archive library containing much more of the treasure trove.

Important notes:
  1. When the machine boots you will see several errors in popups and on some disk partitions. This is by design.
  2. This is a worms I mean "warts & all" archive of exactly how the machine was found. The drives could not be fully repaired, and so everything is provided in its original, unaltered, "authentic" state.
  3. I don't want to spoil too much for you so I'll leave the rest of the adventure to you, just as it was for us! (Hints at bottom of page if needed.)
Huge thanks to:
  • Cris Blyth
  • Team17
  • Cloanto
  • NewTek
  • And the many Worms who were harmed to bring you this data (and yes, you now have Worms)


Cloanto kindly offered to sponsor a free version of Amiga Forever Express Edition to make this possible.

  1. Download Amiga Forever Team17 edition here and install
  2. Once installed download only the full Team17 .rp9 archive here (important: download the whole .rp9 file using the "download" icon at the top right, don't download the individual files you see)
  3. Run Amiga Forever and drag the .rp9 file into the "Systems" list then run the Team17 system

Mac & other platforms

  1. Download the 3 .hdf hard drive files from my Team17 archive here
  2. Download & install FS-UAE or your preferred Amiga emulator
  3. Install Kickstart 3.0 ROM image (obtained separately)
  4. Set the emulator configuration to Amiga 4000/040
  5. Attach the 3 hard drive files as DH0, DH1 and DH2 respectively, then boot!

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  • You'll find the Lightwave program file in the Emplant2 partition, but you'll need to run the version without the dongle. I didn't say it was cracked. Who said it was cracked? (Thank you NewTek for giving this your blessing after all these years!)
  • The Worms scene files are in 3D:Scenes/Team_17/Worms (you can type this into the Lightwave file requester)
  • Please kindly note this is obviously offered without support but I hope you'll agree it's fun exploring it for yourself!

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