#TheBrixtyFour by Perifractic - Lego C64 & Replacement C64 Cases

The world’s only full-size Lego® Commodore 64. Everything is awesome! 

#TheBrixtyFour is also the only breadbin C64 replacement case option available (compatible with many of the new C64 PCBs like Ultimate64 too). Or go plastic-fantastic and add the Lego mechanical keyboard & Lego PCB to create the ultimate executive desk toy, complete with working Lego keyboard, power switch, & LED!

As featured in Zzap! 64
Zzap! 64

Vote for Lego® to release it!

"A Commodore 64 made of Lego is surely the answer to all our prayers" – New Atlas

How To Build Yours

Option A - One-click ordering with support:

By popular demand and for a nominal included handling fee you can opt to let the Retro Recipes kitchen mice do the scurrying so you don't have to. Order below now. (By placing your order you confirm you understand these important ordering notes.)

Remember Lego isn't cheap & I don't set the market prices.

Click an image for more info:

Option B - Cheaper, complex, no support:

I've made my master build file open source and available completely free-of-charge for the benefit of the retro community. Build your own order by following my self-ordering instructions!

"Usually, bricking an electronic device prompts a flood of tears, but this Lego makeover of a Commodore 64 is sure to make you smile" – MagPi Magazine

I also recommend grabbing some Lego Glue and the official Lego Brick Separator tool to complete your build. Check out the Brixty Four T-shirts and more, and I hope you enjoy going stack to the future!