The Brixty Four - Lego C64 & Cases

Everything is awesome! 

Perifractic's Brixty Four is the world’s only full-size Lego® Commodore 64, and the only breadbin C64 replacement case option available (compatible with many of the new C64 PCBs like Ultimate64, RasPi, etc.) Or go plastic-fantastic and add the Lego mechanical keyboard & PCB to create the ultimate executive desk toy!

As featured in
Zzap! 64

"A Commodore 64 made of Lego is surely the answer to all our prayers" – New Atlas

How to get bricky with it:

  1. Click on a style below* then click Download parts file followed by the download icon
  2. Sign up to Lego's Bricklink site & add your address to your account
  3. Visit this Bricklink page, upload the parts file, & proceed until your "Wanted" item is created
  4. Go to your Wanted Lists page and click Easy Buy next to the new item, then checkout
  5. When your bricks arrive follow the build instructions:

*For more custom styles I've made my build files open source for the benefit of the retro community

Recommended accessories:

I hope you enjoy going stack to the future with #TheBrixtyFour!

"Usually, bricking an electronic device prompts a flood of tears, but this Lego makeover of a Commodore 64 is sure to make you smile" – MagPi Magazine

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