Perifractic's VIC-II² – C64 PAL/NTSC Switch

Q: Which is better; NTSC or PAL?
A: Both!

This new 25-piece kit for old 1982+ breadbin Commodore 64 computers designed by Perifractic's Retro Recipes and 1STAGE will allow your C64 to switch between PAL (Europe/Australia) and NTSC (North America) video output modes, to maximise the best-of-both-worlds in software compatibility, picture quality, nostalgia, speed, resolution, and more. It packs LumaFix64 on board to improve the C64's notorious vertical image banding too.

Important system requirements:
  1. Only compatible with ASSY 250407 / 250425 / 250466 breadbin C64 motherboards (you'll find this number printed on the motherboard). The 2 PCBs cover all 3 ASSY numbers.
  2. Not compatible with slimline C64C cases or the SX-64 - this only fits 'breadbin' original C64 style cases due to the lower C64C keyboard. Register interest in C64C version.

  3. Your monitor must support both PAL & NTSC or you will see a black & white image, or no image at all - please check its specs before ordering (if yours doesn't most "upscaler" devices will, such as the XRGB Mini found in my recommended tech tools)

  4. VIC-II chips not included in kit - you'll need a 6567 (NTSC) & 6569 (PAL) chip; any "R"evision will work.

  5. This is not a ready-made product but a kit, and requires soldering experience. Parts may differ slightly from those shown.

  6. This fully beta tested hobbyist kit is provided 'not-for-profit' therefore thank you for understanding that - due to the extra cost it would add - it is offered without warranty. However you can post technical support requests at the official forum thread where the community and developers can respond.

Get your VIC-II²

There are 2 ways to get your VIC-II²: You can order the parts yourself (may be cheaper especially if you already have some of the parts) or buy a kit directly from Retro Recipes while stocks last.

First, get your 2 video chips:

Note: You will have one of these already in your C64, so just order the one you don't have already, to make a pair.

  1. Order a tested PAL VIC-II chip from eBay
  2. Order a tested NTSC VIC-II chip from eBay
  3. Recommended: Get heat sinks for your video chips from Amazon

Next, order the VIC-II² switcher parts:

Option 1 (open source/source-it-yourself)
  1. Order available components from Mouser
  2. And order remaining components from Amazon
  3. Order a PCB from PCBWayyy for your ASSY 250407 or 250425/250466 motherboard
  4. Watch video guide above & follow build instructions from ЯR
  5. Optional: Download EAGLE PCB files & schematic from ЯR

Option 2 (kit)

Includes all the parts from option 1 (with both PCBs) delivered in an anti-static package ready to assemble. Excludes VIC-II video chips and heat sinks. Adding to cart opens a new, secure window.

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Polite Disclaimer:

If you opt to order, build and install the VIC-II² in the notoriously sensitive and unpredictable (yet lovable) vintage Commodore 64s, you do so entirely at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or faults caused to your C64, components, yourself, or otherwise, by incorrect or even correct use of this 'not-for-profit' hobbyist do-it-yourself kit - which is sold without warranty or support due to the cost that would have added. The installation process is intended only for users highly competent with electronics engineering and soldering. Thank you. Above all else we hope you enjoy bringing VIC-II the future!